We offer a full range of maintenance services to all types of
buildings, including residential, commercial, and villas.

High Access offers a 360-degree maintenance scope for all types of buildings, including residential/commercial and villas of various levels and sizes, hotels, shopping malls, shops, offices, government and public buildings, hospitals, sports centres, educational buildings, schools and kindergartens, industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, workshops, and old building renovation. Our highly skilled and experienced workforce is dedicated to ensuring the occupants' and public's safety. Our team is committed to completing each task in accordance with all statutory requirements, ensuring that buildings and other assets maintain a good appearance and operate at peak efficiency.

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Painters from our experienced and professional technical team are..


We have professional, skilled and experienced carpenters available..

Tile Works

High Access is acquainted with the solutions for all your tiling require..

Door Fixing

High Access has its specialist technicians and..


Water proofing plays very important role in building construction and maintenance..

Gypsum & Ceiling

High Access offers wide range of solutions for your gypsum ceiling..

Plastering & Masonry

Plastering provides a finishing over the applied surface which enhances its appearance. .